Wednesday, September 8, 2010


WOW - we just had to post this stunning layout sent in by Kim Kachmarski - we so, so loved it. Kim owns a store called Scrapbook Lounge in Canada and tells us her customers have loved the Ruby Rock-it lines she ordered in. You must check her blog out at: and don't forget to send us in your fab layouts so we can feature your work here as well. We love the way the papers work so beautifully with the flowers and of course we can't get enough of the kraft chip alphas - they rock!

It's been a big week settling back into the "office" groove after being away in Arizona. No day long scrap sessions or hot, hot sunshine (my Pepsi intake has decreased dramatically). The passion for scrappin has not abated since I returned however. I have big dark circles from sitting up nights and DH wonders if his wife is actually back or not! Must finish those CE projects, then there's Xmas cards to think about and I need to increase my stash of everyday cards for sending and then there's those photos of the littlies from last month and ... well you know how it is. The never ending story/journey of a scrapbooker. Have a great week scrapping!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Just another post or two about CE before we move onto some other things. One really cool display they have each year is a BTP item that is selected for various scrapbook artists to embellish. Last year it was lamps and this year it was mirrors in keeping with the theme of the event which was Reflections. I have posted my two favourites out of the large number of mirrors that were donated. Three were auctioned and the rest could be won with raffle tickets. I loved Jessica Guthrie's mirror and could see this sitting on a vintage dressing table no problem at all. I could see this in my bathroom too - love it, love it, love it. The other mirror was Heidi's and it sold for US$5,000 - unreal but great funds for the cancer charity that was benefitting. And I think she may have a fan because the gal that bid for this mirror successfully also bid for her lamp last year so now she has a set!
Just looking at these beautiful altered mirrors made me think again about stuff I have lying around the house that is looking a bit dowdy right now. It's so getting a lick of paint and some paper in the very near future (right after I finish the other CE projects I brought back).
Have a great weekend!