Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heidi's Class

As usual Heidi's class did not disappoint and reflected her shabby chic style with this cute hanging easel. I haven't attached the crown on top as I want to pack it flat to take home but you get the overall idea of how this looks here. I loved making the fabric flowers attached on the right hand side. We did this in Technique Boutique on Thursday and of course it wouldn't be a Heidi project without a little glimmer mist.

Heidi's message in her class was there is beauty in all things if you just know where to find it. Sometimes it's hard in our everyday life to find it right? When we're a bit stressed, the kids are sick, our husband just lost his job, we missed our flight or a meeting or everything just seems out of sorts and chaotic. Sometimes this can go on for days or we have a month of nothing going right. It's hard to get back into the groove when we have stuff like this going on. Scrapbooking is about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, turning everyday life into something beautiful. So when life gets a little rough and you can't find your creative spirit:

Seek, Find, Enjoy, Capture, Learn, Grown, Remember, Celebrate and of all things Be Grateful - there is beauty in all things!

To see more from Creative Escape check out the live webshow that was recorded last Friday night with Heidi and the girls from the House of 3 -

More when I get back to Australia - heading home today.


I'm going to showcase some of the projects and teachers from CE on the blog over the next week. This year's event organised by Bazzill and Heidi Swapp has been awesome. We've been challenged, caught up with old friends and scrapped ourselves silly. Biggest challenge tonight - trying to squeeze stuff into bags that are already bulging and trying to calm the brain overload so I can get a good night's sleep before I head back to Australia.
The work showcased above was at the trunk show which introduces all the teachers to the attendees before the classes start. These photos showcase the work of Pam Black who has been teaching and working for Bazzill for a long time. Her work is amazing and her no nonsense approach to getting the job done was just the ticket. I'm often overwhelmed with the level of layers in this scrapbooking style but Pam's sense of colour and composition made the class easy. I couldn't wait to get the project back to my room to finish it - will post the pic of the finished desktop style album tomorow.
I love listening to the stories of ordinary people who teach and live the "creative" life where they actively seek out the beauty in everything. As we were told tonight: Scrapbookers see beauty in ordinary things - appreciate the gift. How true is this - cherish your gift and scrap something today - more on this great event tomorrow.

Friday, August 20, 2010


WOW just seen some of the comments from you guys up there in the USA regarding our product on Pinky's blog - thrilled to know our product is filtering out across the land and that some of you have been able to get your hands on it already. You can also check out our website: for some downloadable project sheets and pics of some work we've been doing downunder with the two collections: The Summerhouse and Upstairs Downstairs. There is also a listing of stores stocking us in the USA so check that out.
So who is Ruby Rock-it I hear you all ask? Well my husband and I own Fynmark a company in Sydney, Australia. We design and manufacture scrapbooking product for the Australian and NZ markets. We're good friends of another manufacturer you've probably heard of Kaisercraft. Between the two of us we supply heaps of great product to dedicated papercrafters in this part of the world. In Australia our main brand is BELLA! and we sell this to the equivalent of your Michaels stores - a chain called Spotlight. Ruby Rock-it is my indulgence - it's the brand that I developed to showcase my passion for all things olde-worlde and where we can design to suit ourselves - the things we love. So I hope you grow to love it as much as we do! We're just starting out in the USA but we'll be at CHA again in January and I'm about to head to CE where we are sponsoring a group of women this year. So if you're at CE make sure you say Hi and check back next week for lots of goss and pics about this great event - have a great week scrapping!